About Us


Welcome To Odinub

Odinub is an open source hardware organization firmly committed to creating computers that are power packed, yet, compact. We strongly believe in making products that creates a difference to lives. Everyone at Odinub continuously strives to innovate and develop products that reduce operational overheads, and with a singular focus on performance, leading to a more connected and technologically empowered society. Our commitment to making lives better using technology has been recognized by the Government of Gujarat, through the Startup Assistance Scheme.

To ensure that the technology we deal with benefits the masses across the world, we have made it completely open source. Our first product, a pocket sized computer aims to provide users with a much smaller alternative to conventional machines. Apart from features like USB Connectivity, display, and HDMI connectivity, the device also encapsulates powerful features like Bluetooth and Internet Connectivity. The whole system is supported by a 512MB memory and is powered by the open source Linux Community. To read more about this device, click here.

To ensure that more and more people benefit from this technology, we have introduced Odinub community. The idea behind this effort is to bring together the best developers from around the globe to tinker and build some disruptive projects on a powerful single board computer. With the hardware and software both already open source, we are very hopeful that we can leverage our collective potential to build revolutionary products!