Operating System for Odinub Board

Debian is the officially supported operating system:
  • You can download the image.
  • All odinub board comes with preloaded OS
  • If you want to update you can download it from here.
  • You will need a micro SD card for that (Minimum 4 GB)
  • Installation Guide: For step by step to getting your board boot up and running check out our guide.
  • Configuration Guide: Read the Basics and advantages to configure.
Debian with desktop and recommended software

Image with desktop and recommended software based on Debian.

  • Version : Jun 2019
  • Release date : 2019-04-06
  • Kernel version : 4.7
  • Release notes : Link
Technical documents..

You can download the datasheet from here

You can check out our layout of Odinub

Supporting software you need..

You will need windiskimager32 for booting form you SD card

For flashing .img into your SD card using windiskimger32 check this out.